27 September 2023

$2 Million in 4 Months With AdSense!


This is the first in a series of online success stories that you can check out on the Power Play Blog. I hope you will like these!

$2 Million

$2 Million

The Power Play Interviews: Markus Frind- $2 Million in 4 Months

Power Play Interviews: Markus Frind $2 million in 4 months This is the first in a series of online success stories that you can check out on the Power Play Blog. I hope you will like these! Markus Frind, the founder of Plentyoffish.com, is a remarkable achievement as he managed to put his own marketing stamp on a niche previously operated by giant corporations.

The David v.Goliath where the little guy finally comes out. In terms of views, Markus is the first “individual” AdSense publisher. She shares her tips with our readers, so let’s discover some of her secrets. Please comment! Markus, what is your background in computer programming? How did that prepare you to become a webmaster? The average daily number of views was about 14 million in the past week. There are 80 million more visits per day from users who query the site to see if there is anything new. It’s really powerful when it comes to bandwidth! When I visited your website I noticed that the ads were targeting my region even though I wasn’t registered yet. Can you explain to your readers how you achieved this feat? I only use ip2location.com. Basically, I get your IP address and check it in the database. There you will find out what your city is called. Then check the list of users in your city. There’s nothing magical about that. Do you think more visitors coming primarily from search engines (SERPS) or some other way?

Are you actively applying in the media? search engines make up about 2% of my traffic. Like other sites with over 5 million pages per day, most of my traffic comes from reviews and repeaters. The Website service appears to be free for subscribers. Are there competitive advantages that make this possible? We have developed a new algorithm that allows you to create mega sites almost for free. A few years ago I developed an algorithm that was 1000 times faster than the algorithm used in the 90’s to find a sequence of 22 prime numbers. Back then, the professor used several supercomputers and hundreds of ordinary computers for several years to find the file. I did the same thing on a PC in 2 weeks. Fascinating! Are there any other websites you currently manage, or is this website tonoffish.com?This is currently the only page.

I have a few other websites that I saved for friends so they can learn more about affiliate marketing/stuff. At this point, I think one page is enough. Any advice for someone who wants to start a profitable business on the Internet?If someone else thinks what you are doing is a good idea, I would say no… Find something that no one else thinks is important and create a high-traffic website in that space.

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